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MELANIA OLCINA YUGUERO is a performer, choreographer and video artist. Graduated in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid (2009). Diploma in Contemporary Dance from the Royal Professional Conservatory Mariemma de Madrid (2008). Masterized in Contemporary Scenic Thought and Creation by the Higher School of Dramatic Art of Castilla y León (2021).

He obtains awards and scholarships as a performer at dance festivals such as; Vienna International Festival "Impulstanz" (2009); Carlos III University of Madrid (2009); XXIII Madrid Choreographic Contest (2008); XXII Madrid Choreography Contest (2007); International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts ADAE (2008); Alcalá de Henares Dance Festival (2005).

As an interpreter he has worked with Pedro Berdayes (National Dance Award in 2000) interpreting some of his pieces during training at the RCPM such as Allegro ma non troppo, To be Continued, Espacio Zen, Conser & Lab and with José Reches Mala Carne . With Jesús Rubio Gamo Sinnerman (awarded with the First Prize and Public Prize in the Carlos III University Choreography Contest and with the Third Prize of the Jury in the XXIII Choreographic Contest of Madrid) Ofelia and Aliterada Room . With Teresa Nieto (National Dance Award in 2004 and Gold Medal for Fine Arts) in shows such as Petit Comité and Tacita a Tacita . In Carmen Roche's ballet (2012 Gold Medal for Fine Arts and 1995 Silver Medal) she plays La Niña Farola ; and at the Teatro Real in Madrid, operas such as Faust Ball directed by Els Comediants and Alceste, whose stage director was Krysztof Warlikowski and choreographed by Claudel Bardouil. She currently works for the Sharon Fridman Company since 2013 in Free Fall (Finalist for best cast in XVIII Max awards), Free fall (Winner of the Max award for the best dance show in 2015 and winner of the best dance show at the Fair International Theater and Dance of Huesca), Up to where and All ways (Audience Award at the International Theater and Dance fair in Huesca) Arte Sella, Tú y lasforms, Barro, A Piedi Nudi, Dose of paradise (Finalist for best female performer at the XXIV Max Awards, 2021), (e) squeeze me . He has worked with Antonio Ruz since 2010 (2013 El Ojo Critico award and 2018 National Creation Award) on some of his pieces such as Recreo 01, Ignoto, Ojo, Libera Me, A La espagnole, Beautiful Beach, Double Bach, Presente (Candidate for best female performer at the XXII Max Awards, 2018), Still, La noche de San Juan for the Fundación de Juan March, in the video clip A la deriva by the musical group Vetusta Morla, El Barberillo de Lavapiés directed by Alfredo Sanzol for the Teatro de the Zarzuela.

As a choreographer, she makes short commissioned pieces such as Solo Orgánica (2008) and Tengo la ambición de una Hormiga (2015) on the occasion of the 75th RCPD Mariemma Gala.

As a video artist, she obtained an honorable mention at the 8th International Festival of Video Movimiento 14 (Colombia) with Woman on Background (2013); the Unique International Award at the 9th International Video Dance Festival, Video Movimiento ´15 (Colombia) with Galmatopeia (2015); Homo (2019); Become a Manifesto (2020); Niobe (2021).

As assistant director he works in the IX South American Olympic Games 2010 directed by Franco Dragone and for the Sharon Fridman Company in (e) squeeze me ; at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma RESAD (2015); LAMOV Company, Zaragoza (2016); National Ballet of Paraguay (2016); and the National Dance Company, Spain (2016).

As a teacher he works in the “Trasdanza” Youth in Movement Project promoted by the Madrid Dance Professionals Association (2012-13); and in the Fundación Cultura del Sur de Blanca Li (2011-2013). Currently, he teaches workshops; University of Alicante, University of León and UCAM.  



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