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Galmatopeia  It is a word that comes from the Greek and means the art of sculpting. The working relationship between an artist and the work is represented, in this case, between the sculptor Gonzalo Sánchez Mendizábal and the model in the workshop.  

Awarded with the Unique International Award at the 9th Dance Video Festival, videomovimiento 15 (Colombia)

4th MIVA Festival. International Mostra videodanca na Amazonas (Brazil) 2015

University Dance Festival of Colombia 2015 

Wasqha Festival 2015 (Córdoba- Spain)

Cali Dance Biennial (Colombia) 2015

Havana Video Dance Festival 2016 

Danca Festival in Focus 2016 

Expansive Corporeidades Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2016 

IVAHM Festival 2016. Rivne Cultural Center (Ukraine) 2016 

Dance in the City Festival (Bogotá) 2016 

Almagro Ibero-American Dance Video Festival, FIVA 2016 

International Video Art Festival, Camaguey Cuba 2017

ES / UM Space, Auditorium of the University of Murcia (Campus La Merced) 2016 

MUA- Museum of the University of Alicante, Ciclo Mulier Mulieris 2016

Cinematheque of the District University of Bogotá (Colombia) 2016

"First Sample of Young Ibero-American Filmmakers" retrospective exhibition of the 2013-16 FIVER festival, Amadís room of the INJUVE Youth Institute in Madrid and within the Cádiz en Danza Festival 2016

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