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The iconic female representation is framed within an interior space, of intimacy. The house and the body are places understood as spaces reserved for the solitude and introspection of a single inhabitant, where a completely physical and corporeal bond is established through the sense of touch.  

Awarded with an honorable mention at the 8th International Video Movement Festival 14 (Colombia).  

Popupkino Video Maker Festival 2014 (Berlin- Germany),
Festival Ivahm 14 (Madrid- Spain)
Oxido Fest 14 (Madrid- Spain) 
Corpo a Terra 14 (Galicia- Spain)
Bideodromo 2014 (Bilbao- Spain) 
Dance Tac 14 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife- Spain) - bailealborde 
Danzalborde 14 International Festival (Chile) 
Festival Athens Video Dance Project 2015 and Kodra Fresh 2015 (Greece) 
Dance in focus - International Video & Dance Festival 2015 (Brazil) 
Nemo Art Festival 2015 (Priego de Córdoba- Spain)
Festival Play- Video Art Week 2015 (Argentina) 
Festival MIRÁ 2015 (Argentina) 
Wasqha Festival 2015 (Córdoba- Spain)

28th Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival

Circe - Experimental Platform for Dance (2021).

IMARP. International dance festival. Image and movement. Video dance (2021).

V BIENNAL DE VALÈNCIA Ciutat Vella Oberta (2021)


Anapoima Art Salon 14-15 (Colombia) 2015
STRIPART 2015. XX show d'art jove d'horta-guinardó (Girona- Spain) 2015
Setba Foundation (Barcelona- Spain) 2015
Espacio ES / UM, Auditorium of the University of Murcia (Campus La Merced- Spain) 2016

JustMad7 Art Fair, Emerging Art Fair of (Madrid- Spain) 2016
CAV Museum "La Neomudejar" (Madrid- Spain) 2016


Milk & honey conference • PLATscreendance,  Black box, white cube, another place  (2014) and Inhabiting the screen  (2016) designed, directed and programmed by María Rogel that took place in La rear  from the Faculty of Fine Arts of UCM (Madrid). El Saco azul cultural association, porto 2017 (Portugal)

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