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HOMO (2019)

HOMO (2019)

Homo makes visible the experience of intimacy of a human being who inhabits an interior space, private and reserved for the solitude of a single inhabitant. The room, as a metaphor for the original house, is the image of lost intimacies. The Homo privatus seeks, through an act of introspection, the encounter with itself, the awareness of its corporeity, that is, of a certain identity in relation to the other, through multisensory experience, and especially haptic with the matter that surrounds. In Homo the epidermal and visible layer of the human being is unveiled, his natural body expresses the memory of a personal story against the visual representation of a collective story with stereotyped, iconic, mythical and idealized bodies. Homo is the epiphany of a narcissistic act, of a metamorphosis.

MilkandHoney conferences within the program of "complementary actions" of the University of Fine Arts of the UCM.
IVAHM 2019. La Neomudejar Museum, Madrid.
VERBO 2019. Vermelho Gallery, Brazil.
PLAY Video Art Week. UNNE University Extension. 2019.
CSC El Soto de Móstoles 2020.
Video Movement Festival 2019.
Intermediations- VI exhibition of video art and experimental video 2019.
5th Moving Images videodance festival 2019 (Dance Lab Nicosa).
MIVA International Multidisciplinary Festival Ecuador 2020
The New Art Festival 2020. Maker Art 2020.


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